The Power Rangers emPOWER Movement provides parents and kids the tools they need to work together to grow healthy kids and support healthy communities and demonstrate the Power Rangers values in action.

Power Rangers "Make a Wish" come true!

November 10 2012

Jesse is a 6 year-old New Zealand boy who is battling cancer.  When the Make a Wish Foundation contacted the Power Rangers about him visiting the Power Rangers Megaforce set, we were so excited to be able to help make Jesse's wish come true!

Jesse and his mom and brother came to the set on a beach in New Zealand, and were brought into the control room.  Jesse was given a headset and he followed the filming of scenes with absolute fixation, he could have happily stayed seated there for the entire morning!

After the first scene had been filmed, Jesse was able to meet all the Power Rangers.  They took time out to introduce themselves to him. Two of them showed him some of their action moves, and Jesse and his brother Joshua acted out the moves in sync with theirs. Jesse had a grin from ear to ear and thought this was so cool!!!

Jess and his family joined The Power Ranges for lunch, and then they got to meet all the Power Rangers again who were now in full costume. Jesse got to watch a monster being filmed!

We're so happy we could help Jesse enjoy a day on the beach with the Power Rangers.  GO GO JESSE!