Ranger Rewards

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The Power Rangers Student Alliance is a new network of Power Rangers student clubs at high schools and colleges launching at Power Morphicon in August 2014. Inspired by the Spring Hill Power Rangers Student Club, The Power Rangers Student Alliance provides a...
Before summer slips away, savor one last taste with this super salad that is the perfect dish for all those Labor Day parties and potlucks this weekend!What makes this salad such a mega way to end the summer season?  To start, it's chock-full of...

Ranger of the Month

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Sebastian is our newest Ranger of the Month!  His Dad nominated him because he loves karate and loves to "Train like a Ranger.:  He knows that learning martial arts involves lots of responsibility and never uses his martial arts moves outside of the dojo.  He is very respectful of his teachers, and he is always motivated and motivates others around him. Go Go Sebastian!


Here's a fun experiment that helps kids learn about the sun, light, and shadows - and practice their Ranger Moves at the same time!