Ranger Rewards

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On the hunt for a simple, healthy brunch dish for the upcoming weekend?  Look no further than these ham & egg cups, perfectly portioned for each Ranger in the crew! Not only are these cups filled to the brim with tummy-satisfying protein...
Ask most little Rangers what their favorite vegetable is, and the answer they're most likely to shout out with gusto is "French fries!" It's hard to blame them -they're fun to eat and undeniably tasty, even if they aren't a...

Ranger of the Month

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Go Go Talin!  Talin is our Ranger of the Month because he puts the Power Rangers emPOWER values of teamwork and health and fitness into action.His mom tells us that he "Trains like a Ranger" by by practicing tae kwon do (a martial art) three times a week. She says he always puts his family and friends first and tries hard at school.Congratulations and Go Go Talin!!


Are you trying to figure out a family exercise plan for your Ranger crew this weekend?Use this Power Rangers activity sheet with your kids to imagine all the different kinds of healthy activities you can do - and pick...