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Heading out for a hike this summer? Instead of stocking up on store-bought trail mixes that are high in fat and sugar, we recommend making a more nutritious version at home before you and your Ranger crew set off on your journey.This summer, we love this Rad...
Sweet summer tomatoes are one of our favorite seasonal ingredients in terms of both taste and nutritional value. Tomatoes are filled with vitamins A & C, and have lycopene, which is a vital antioxidant for maintaining good health. That's one emPOWERed...

Ranger of the Month

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Go Go Ben!  Ben's Mom nominated him for Ranger of the Month because he takes good care of himself and takes care of other people, too.  He has been studying karate since age 4 he's also on a swim team (way to Train like a Ranger, Ben!)  and he always stands up for other kids if they are being made fun of.  That's a great way to put the Power Rangers values of leadership and friendship into action. ...


Keep your little Rangers busy with this word search!  Have them find their favorite summer fruits and veggies!