Ranger Rewards

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Does your child love Power Rangers?  Power Rangers emPOWER is for you!  Power Rangers emPOWER gives parents and teachers resources to support heathy choices for kids.  Since the debut of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993, the Power Rangers...
The Red and Pink Dino Charge Rangers participated in Dreamnight, a free evening event for children with chronic illness and disability and their families created by Children's Hospital. The Rangers walked the red carpet along side the cast from Dog With A...

Ranger of the Month

Ranger Picture
Jamielynn was nominated by her Mom because she loves to put the Power Rangers values of physical activity into action!  She loves riding her bike and looks up to the Pink Ranger.  She likes to wear her Pink Ranger costume and practice her Ranger Moves!  Go Go Jamielynn!


Do you love dinosaurs?  Learn more about the dinos who inspire the Dino Charge Rangers on this Dino Fact Sheet!