What is Power Rangers emPOWER?

Since the debut of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993, the Power Rangers have been role models for generations of children. Through Power Rangers emPOWER, the Rangers are teaching kids and families how to put the Power Rangers values of teamwork, confidence, health and physical activity into action. Developed in partnership with leaders in children’s services, this initiative has reached millions of kids, parents, and teachers since it was launched in 2011.  The program provides resources, recipes, and tips online for parents and engages with children and families at live events. Just as the Power Rangers use teamwork to solve a different challenge in every episode, Power Rangers emPOWER provides parents and community leaders the tools they need to work together to grow healthy kids. This initiative is positive and fun, emphasizing kids’ strengths and potential by providing children and parents with accessible resources to reinforce healthy choices.

Power Rangers Values:

Standing for What’s Right: Power Rangers are a powerful force committed to good deeds and defeating evil.
Teamwork and Cooperation: Power Rangers always work as a team. By working together and looking out for one another, they overcome challenges, succeed in their missions, and solve important problems.
Confidence: Every Power Ranger succeeds because they believe in themselves and their friends! Confidence gives them the personal strength to face every new difficulty.
Physical Activity and Healthy Eating: The physical action in the Power Rangers inspires kids to get up and move around. Imitating Power Ranger poses and moves promotes early patterns of exercise. Eating right helps the Rangers stay fit!
Caring and Friendship: They may be a team of fighting superheroes out to promote fairness and save the world, but the Power Rangers also are a close-knit group of teenage pals. Even though they’re all different, they accept each other’s individuality, and are always around to help a Power Ranger in need.

How does Power Rangers emPOWER reach kids and parents?

The Power Rangers emPOWER landing page is designed for kids and parents. It provides kid-friendly materials, recipes, and parenting tips, all based on the Power Rangers values. This website also offers resources for teachers and other professionals who work with kids.

On Facebook and Twitter
Power Rangers emPOWER content is shared with the global community of over 2MM Power Rangers fans on the main Power Rangers Facebook page and the Power Rangers twitter account, @PowerRangersNews.

In the schools:
Fitness guides + bulletin board messaging were delivered to more than 4500 participating elementary schools during January and February 2011, reaching more than 1.5MM students, coinciding with the relaunch of Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon. The guides included group activities focused on Power Rangers values and physical fitness, designed for Kindergarten – 3rd grade students. Each participating school was able to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a visit from the Samurai Power Rangers and a donation to their school. The second phase of the Power Rangers emPOWER "What emPOWERs you?" program launched in February 2012 and reached 100,000 teachers.  For 2013 and the launch of Power Rangers Megaforce, the Power Rangers in-school program has been distributed to even more teachers, reaching classrooms in 30 major metropolitan areas and more than 130,000 teachers, and close to 5 million students and families.  In addition, we've launched Power Rangers emPOWER in the UK, Ireland, and Australia .

Halloween Safety

In 2014 the Power Rangers and Power Rangers emPOWER sponsored their fourth annual “Powered Up” Halloween for kids nationwide. The Power Rangers national Halloween Safety campaign reached kids online, through in-theater videos and in-school public service materials to make sure that kids put safety first when they are trick-or-treating.  The Power Rangers partnered with Spirit Halloween to offer a free cobranded, reflective Halloween Safety bracelet at all Spirit stores..The Power Rangers made special appearances at 14 hospitals around the country as part of Spirit Halloween’s work to bring Halloween to kids in the hospital.

Public Service Announcements

Saban Brands has created 5 Power Rangers emPOWER Public Service Announcements and videos which have been watched close to 10 million times by kids and parents on YouTube.- watch them all here on the Power Rangers emPOWER channel.   The PSAs focus on how kids can “Train Like a Ranger,” using the series’ natural emphasis on fitness and activity to teach kids simple moves (an upper body stretch, the cobra pose) that they can do at home.

Live Events:

Power Rangers emPOWER brings Power Rangers values to kids in schools, at public events, and at promotional events across the country.  From appearances at hospitals and homeless shelters, where we bring joy to kids facing adversity, to sponsorship of public family events such as CicLAvia in Los Angeles, we create healthy and fun inspiration for kids nationwide.  Highlights our events program include participating in the Let’s Move London event during the 2012 Olympic with the First Lady, Michelle Obama and U.S. Olympic Athletes, National Walk to School Day, Nickelodeon’s World Wide Day of Play, the White House Easter Egg Roll, leading kids in “Ranger Training” at the Mall of America, and spending the day with children from the Make a Wish Foundation at Power Morphicon.